Guest Speakers  4:00 pm, Location TBA
Keith Bergey was the Vice President, Chief R&D, and Lead Engineer of Scarab from 1975-1980. He has owned and restored innumerable cars of all makes and model including countless Zs. His passion for tinkering with projects started at an early age, and only grew during his time as a high security clearance Naval Aviation Technician and his time working for Lockheed Missile and Space Company in the engineering department. His experience paved the way for him to carefully construct possibly the first production remanufactured automobile in American history: The Scarab Z.

He will be sharing a presentation covering the Scarab Z Automobile history, followed by a Q&A session. 

Randy Lewis will be sharing his macabre, against all odds, story of acquiring Scarab #160 and his subsequent journey to track down Scarab Engineering's original principals to pen a book detailing Scarab's cars and company history.