Since 1999

The Cleveland Z Club started its life as the "Z Association of Cleveland, Ohio" back in the late '90's.  We are the oldest Z Car Club in Ohio with 50-60 enthusiastic members.  We hold monthly meetings wrapped around regional events and, of course, the national ZCCA convention (ZCON) event which we hosted back in 2008.

We have hosted the Midwest Z Heritage several times in the past and consider it an honor to do so again in 2019.

Meet a few of the Cleveland Z Club crew leading Midwest Z Heritage 2019

We have a dozen+ folks involved in the organization of the 20th Annual event, however, here are a few folks' contact info in case you need assistance before and during the MZH event.


Chris Karl

MZH 2019 Chair

Chris is a long-time CZC club member and has served multiple roles for the organization.  Nationally, Chris is the Executive Director for the Z Car Club Association, a 501c which helps form and support grass-roots club and event efforts.  Chris and his wife, Karen, presently have nine Z cars in their garage.



Jim Roark

Group Drive Organizer

Jim is a die-hard drive enthusiast, known to visit 5-6 events in a single 4-6 week adventure.  He's a regular at ZCON, BransonZFest, ZDayZ and Z Nationals...and MZH, of course.



Karen Karl

Registration Lead

Karen has two Z cars, both Z32 300zx's known as "Breezzy" and "HMM Z".  She is the part of the leadership for the Cleveland Z Club and has held multiple CZC club roles in the past.



Brent & Chrissy Lloyd

Car Show Team

Brent and his wife, Chrissy, have been active CZC members since ~2010 after bumping into our group during ZCON 2009 in San Antonio, Texas.  The Lloyds have a beautiful 300zx twin-turbo.



Tony Tanori & Mary Williams

Car Show & Registration Teams

Tony joined the CZC ~five years ago and quickly jumped in to help.  He's served as the CZC president for two years and is assisting MZH 2019  across multiple teams.


Bonnie Swirsky

Sponsors & Registration Teams

Bonnie launched the Cleveland Z Club (originally known as Z Association of Cleveland, Ohio) and owns several Z cars.  Her 300zx Z32 was part of the 350z Chiat-Day marketing launch.


Additional team members for MZH 2019 include: Joanne Palicka (Treasurer), Brian Scanlan, Chris Jones, Dale Mueller, Dan Palicka, Debbie Jones, Eric Franz, Mike and Diana Prehn, Glenn Marek, Greg Schnell, Jeff Primiano, Jerry Salvucci and many others!

More about the Cleveland Z Club...

We mostly organize around our social site on Facebook, though new members can find our membership application and other club information at

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