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Today, we have more than 60 members who own and most importantly, DRIVE, cars ranging from the early Datsun Roadsters to the “Godzilla” of the Nissan family, the GTR. ZROC membership is open to anyone who is a Z and/or Nissan enthusiast, even if you don’t own a Z. We take pride in being an inclusive club that’s more like family than anything. A couple of our club mantras are, “We understand your sickness!” and “The only part of the Z we show are the taillights!” ZROC is a driving club first, but our members also enjoy getting together to wrench on cars or for social events through the year.


Our Story

Visit our website by clicking "ZROC" to see what we are all about as a car club.

If you have questions or problems registering for the 22nd MZH Annual Event, please contact one of our members below for assistance before and during the MZH event.


Ernie Lawson                                   Lee Bevins      

Shelby Wofford